16 Channel Wireless Remote Pan Tilt Zoom Controller

Cat Code: PTZ-Ctrl $199

Wireless 16 Channel Remote Pan / Tilt / Zoom Control Set (Controller/Transmitter & Receiver)

16 Channel Wireless Remote Pan / Tilt / Zoom Controller for CCTV Video Surveillance Camera Scanners / Pan & Tilt units / Auto Focus Cameras. Compatible with all Auto-Focus Zoom CCTV Video Surveillance Cameras and Pan / Tilt units in this catalogue.

Use One Controller/Transmitter to control up to Sixteen Receivers
Security Camera Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom ControllerWireless Pan Tilt Zoom Controller CCTV Surveillance Camera
Use Multiple Controller/Transmitters
to control One Receiver

Receiver Outputs: Pan/Tilt 24 vac Up / Down / Left / Right / Auto-Scan. Zoom Lens 12 VDC Wide / Narrow (polarity reverses).

Controller/Transmitter Power Requirements: 9 ~ 12 Volts DC 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket center pin = (+), 12 VDC Power Supplies

Receiver Power Requirements: 24 volts ac 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket,  50/60 Hz. 24 vac Power Supplies

Dimensions: TX ~ 126 x 117 x 43 mm. RX ~ 110 x 76 x 24 mm.

Weight: TX ~ 350 gms. RX ~ 200 gms.

RF Frequency: 433 MHz Band. Range: In ideal, clear, Line-of-Sight conditions ~ 200 metres.
Due to the nature of Radio Signals results are unpredictable (in the same manner as Mobile / Cellular Telephones) signals reflected from surrounding objects arriving at Receiver antenna may Add-to or Subtract-from the direct signal from Transmitter.

Compatible with Motorised 24 vac Pan / Tilt unit

Wireless 16 Channel Remote Pan Tilt Zoom Control Set

'ZOOM' Key toggles control between Tilt & Zoom function.

16 Channel Wireless Remote PTZ

Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom Controller

Create a Wireless Video Surveillance System
TX-Mini To Transmit Video * power Pan/Tilt/Camera from 24 volts ac * Receive Video using RX-Mini

Dome Housing CCTV House Pan/Tilt/Camera/TX etc in a Dome Security Camera Dome Housing