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4 Channel CCTV Video Baluns - Twisted Pair Video Baluns - Twisted Pair Audio Baluns - CCTV Baluns - Cat-5 Baluns - LAN Baluns - Twisted Pair Amplifier Baluns for transmission of Video & Audio using Cat-5 Cat-6 LAN UTP Telephone Cable - Ground Loop Blocker

CCTV Baluns Transmit Video up to 600 metres using UTP CAT-5 / CAT-6 LAN or TP Telephone Cable.

Video  Baluns
Twisted Pair Amplifier Balun

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4 Channel BNC to RJ or Wire Terminals

For transmission of 75 ohm unbalanced signals over balanced 100/120 ohm Twisted Pair LAN Cat-5/6 UTP Cable.

TP via 8P8C (RJ45 8P) socket or press-to-release terminals.

FOUR Channel CCTV Video Camera Balun 300 ~ 600 Metres using Cat-5/6 UTP LAN / Telephone cable.

Similar 3 Channel Wide 800 + H-Pixel Bandwidth version with RCA sockets here.

A BalUn is required at each end of Twisted Pair this device may also be used with: BalUn-VTP/m BalUn-VTP/f BalUn-InLine/RJ BalUn-InLine/ST BalUn-VST/NI Choke-VST TWIST-AMP+ BalUn-100/75+

Input / Output: Composite Video 1 V p-p 75 ohms via four BNC sockets.

Interconnections: Cat-5 or Cat-6 Twisted Pair Cable via 8P8C (RJ45) socket  OR press-to-release terminals.

Polarity: (Pair 1 = Channel 3) (2 = 1) (3 = 2) (4 = 4). Blue, Orange, Green, Brown = Ground.

Dimensions: excluding sockets  ~ 110 mm (W) ~ 25 mm (H) ~ 77 mm (D) ~ 235 grams.

CCTV BalUns.
Amplifier Balun Video Audio Cat-5
Designed for unshielded twisted pair Cat-5 & Cat-6 LAN cable we recommend testing to assess results with common 120 ohm impedance TP Telephone cable

Also suitable (using unshielded Cat-6 Cable) for transmission up to ~ 100 metres of:
S-Video (Y/C) signals * use 2 ports at each end.
Results may vary depending on output level of Source device (Camera, etc), input sensitivity of Receiving device (DVR, Monitor, etc) and
Cable characteristics.

more... TWISTED PAIR devices

Passive Baluns are used in Pairs one at each end of Twisted Pair NO POWER REQUIRED

CCTV Twisted Pair Video Balun

Suitable for interconnecting Cameras / Switchers / Quads / Multiplexers / Monitors / Digital Video Recorders / PC based DVRs / VGA RGB YUV RGBHV S-Video Y/C YCbCr YPbPr Audio Signals / etc / etc.

Use Flexible - Low-Cost - Small-Diameter Category-5 or Category-6 100 ohm impedance Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) Local-Area-Network (LAN) cable or common TP 120 ohm Telephone cable to transmit unbalanced 75 ohm Composite Video signals:

Up to 600 metres (monochrome) and up to 300 metres (colour) using Passive Baluns with high quality unshielded Cat-5/6 LAN cable.

Up to 2 400 metres (monochrome) and up to 1 500 metres (colour) using Active Amplifiers with high quality unshielded Cat-5/6 LAN cable.

Baluns or Active Amplifiers may save hundreds of dollars on coax cable and labour and ensure that you get-the-job! Use in Residential Units, Universities, Offices, Hospitals, Showrooms, Elevators, for Covert Surveillance. Utilise unused spare pairs that may be available in existing LAN or Telephone wiring.

Different devices may be used at each end of Twisted Pair.

An Active Amplified Transmitter or Receiver may be used with a passive device to extend the transmission distance.

Single-Cable-Solution 600 + metres use spare pair(s) for Power SupplyIn-Line Regulator-Rectifier Input: 14~24 vac or 18~30 DC via Screw-Terminal Block. Output 12 VDC Regulated (maximum 300 mA when input is less than 20 volts, 200 mA when input is greater than 20 volts) via 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm Center = + DC Plug. Ideal for long power cable runs where voltage drop due to cable resistance is a problem. for In-Line Rectifier/Regulator.

Technical Information: Ask for our 'Balun Link List' a very useful resource for general Balun information, e-mail your request with your Balun purchase Invoice Number.

PC DVRs & other Digital Video Recording systems: We recommend use of high quality Cat-5/6 cable, if runs exceed 250 ~ 300 metres use TWIST-AMP for better results.

To ensure best possible image contrast and brightness in Low-Light conditions we recommended High-Quality Low-Loss Coaxial Cable and AV-Amp or Vid-Amp/4 for long runs, acceptable results may be possible with unshielded Cat-5/6 Cable and TWIST-AMP.

Twisted Pairs may be paralleled to extend the transmission distance of Video Signals however any gain will be a trade-off as paralleled pairs lower immunity to common-mode interference and increase attenuation of high frequency signals.


In-Line Regulator-Rectifiers
Input: AC or DC Output: 12 VDC Regulated. Ideal for long power cable runs where voltage drop due to cable resistance is a problem.

REG-12VDC * REG-12VDC+ * Rect-Reg * Rect-Reg+

In-Line Regulator-Rectifier 12 VDC Regulated
Cable resistance, Cable length and Current drawn by Camera affect voltage drop which can be reduced by using thicker gauge wire and/or paralleling pairs. A test using 24 AWG Cat-5  Cable, a 24 vac Power Supply, REG-12VDC In-Line Rectifier-Regulator and a Camera that draws 100 milliamps demonstrated that lengths of 600 + metres is practical, 2 pairs in parallel would increase this to 1 200 + metres.

A single 24 AWG (0.5 mm diameter) conductor has a resistance of ~ 9.4 ohms per 100 metres, voltage drop will be ~ 1 volt per 50 metres of Cat-5 Twisted Pair when powering a Camera that draws 100 milliamps. (calculation: 9.4 ohms x 0.1 amps = 0.94 Volts)

CCTV Video  Baluns - Twisted Pair Video Baluns - Twisted Pair Audio Baluns - CCTV Baluns - Cat-5 Baluns - LAN Baluns - Twisted Pair Amplifier Baluns for transmission of Video & Audio using Cat-5 Cat-6 LAN UTP Telephone Cable - Ground-Loop Breaker - Hum Bug - Hum-Bucking - Anti-Hum - Hum Suppressor Transformers - STOP: Video Hum - Video Hum Bars - Cross-Talk - Video Baluns. for: Closed Circuit Television, interconnecting Video Surveillance Cameras, Video Switchers, Video Quad Screen Processors, Video Monitors, CCTV - TV / VCR Interface Modules, Digital Video Recorders, Capture Cards, PC Video Recording Systems, DVRs, Multiplexers. Flexible solutions to simplify & reduce cost of installations and allow utilisation of existing Telephone or Local Area Network (LAN) cabling for discreet installation of hidden covert pinhole video cameras and audio listening devices and power-up-cable. S-Video Y/C Baluns - VGA Baluns - RGB Baluns - YUV Baluns - RGBHV Baluns - YCbCr Baluns - YPbPr Baluns  - Audio Signals - UTP Baluns - Twisted Pair LAN Baluns - Cat-5 Balun - Cat-6 Balun - Telephone Cable Baluns.