VGA Splitter

Transmit 4 VGA Red Green Blue Horizontal & Vertical sync signals up to 300 metres using 4 pair UTP LAN Cat-5 Cable.

VGA Splitter Extender
VGA Extender Distributor

BULK BUY Price click on TRUCK for more information $169 Bulk-Buy 10 +

Cat Code: VGA-RX additional RX only $129 when purchased with VGA Distributor Splitter otherwise $149


Cat-5 UTP via 8P8C (RJ45 8P) socket.

Loop through HD15 output on Transmitter for Local VGA Monitor, FOUR Amplified RJ-45 Outputs for Remote VGA Monitors. Contrast and Brightness controls on Receiver.

Extend 4 PC VGA signals (Red Green Blue Horizontal & Vertical TTL Synchronisation) via 4 Cat-5 UTP pairs.

Suitable for Remote Monitors up to 300 metres away & Local Monitor.

Up to 1600 x 1200 Resolution, 85 Hz Refresh Rate.

30 to 95 Kilohertz Horizontal, 50 to 180 Hertz Vertical Frequency.

Set includes: TX, 30cm VGA HD15 male-male Cable, Power Supply, (1) RX, Power Supply & 2 Skew adaptors.

[Cable-HD15/RCA] male HD15 (VGA) to three male RCA Plugs for Component Video.

VGA Splitter VGA Extender

Analog 75Ω, 0.7Vp-p, Horizontal & Vertical Sync Signals TTL from PC VGA Output via HD15 female socket.
Output: Loop through (power required) from VGA input via HD15 female socket for Local Monitor & FOUR Amplified signals via RJ45 8P8C socket to Remote Receiver. 
5 Volts DC Regulated ~ 400 mA via DC Socket (Australian/NZ 500 mA Plug Pack Power Supply included)
Dimensions: excluding sockets ~ 67 x 27 x 58 mm, ~  400 grams.
VGA Extender

Input: VGA signals via RJ45 8P8C socket.
Output: VGA (RGBHV) via HD15 female socket for VGA Remote Monitor
Brightness & Contrast via Potentiometer rotary adjustor.
Power: 5 Volts DC Regulated ~ 250 mA via DC Socket (Australian/NZ 500 mA Plug Pack Power Supply included)
Dimensions: excluding sockets ~ 67 x 27 x 140 mm, ~  210 grams.

Shipping Weight:  (Set) 1.45 kgs
VGA Extender

BNC / RCA / HD15 Cables click on image for more information:

HD15 VGA to RCA HD15 male BNC male High Resolution RGBHV Monitor Cable

Use high quality Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cat-5 Local Area Network (LAN) Cable for best results (maximum resolution, refresh rate, distance, minimum
Skew) use an unbroken length of Cable (no joins), Cat-5e, Cat-6 & High Speed Reduced-NEXT-Optimised Cables NOT recommended.

Results may vary depending on Resolution/Refresh rate, Cable-Length, Cable characteristics and in particular the length of RGB pairs, variations may cause Skew that will become more evident as Cable-Length, Resolution and Refresh rate are increased, Skew-Correct can be used to reduce/eliminate Skew.

Some brands/models of Monitors are very sensitive to sync levels and may function poorly.

If all three RGB Pairs are of equal length Skew will not occur, however in practice the number of Twists in each Pair does vary, this variation affects the timing of the signals arriving at the Receiver resulting in a horizontal displacement of the Red Green Blue images on the Monitor.
Security CCTV VGA Splitter Extender

This can usually be minimised or eliminated by using two Skew adaptors (included in Set) as illustrated below:
CCTV Security VGA Distributor

 Skew increases with Cable Length, Resolution and Refresh rate, reducing these will reduce Skew, in most situations Skew-Correct will eliminate or significantly reduce Skew.

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Security CCTV Camera VGA Splitter+ Security CCTV Camera twisted pair amplifier up to 300 metres using Cat 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable
VGA extender
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