Network over Coaxial Cable
Ethernet / IP / Network over Coaxial Cable "RJ45 to Coax to RJ 45 Converter"
easily upgrade from Composite Video CCTV to "IP Network CCTV Camera / Server"

IP TCP over Coaxial Cable
IP Network Cameras over Coaxial Cable
use video coax for IP Network Camera
IP Network Camera RG59 cable

This is a low cost, easy and speedy solution to allow you to utilise existing composite video coax (from a legacy analogue CCTV video camera system) for transmission of IP Network Camera or Video Server signals.

Used in pairs with RG59 cable they exceed the IEEE 802.3 10BaseT NEXT specification.

Working range up to 200 meters maximum at 10 Mbps speed.

Passive, no power required.

This Ethernet over Coax converter exceeds 802.3 10BaseT NEXT specification, isolating the receiver from the transmitted signal.

IPoverCoax $29 pair Taiwan Quality

Input / Output: BNC female connector, RJ45 Jack for Network / Camera / Video Server / etc.

Cable: RG59, Coaxial Cable Center = Data (+), Shield = Data (-).

Impedance: 50Ω to dual 100Ω or 75Ω to dual 100Ω or 93Ω to dual 100Ω

Crosstalk: > 30 dB.

Dimensions / Weight: ~ 24 mm (W) ~ 20 mm (H) 66 ~ 69 mm (L) including BNC socket, 32 ~ 40 grams.

Results (range) may vary depending on signal levels, Cable: Quality / Condition / Characteristics, Connectors and Joins.